ALARM – The German acronym stands for “Adaptive solution platform for the active technical support during the rescue of human life"

The ALARM project researches how an adaptive and modular IT system adds to a secure and continuous support of the operational management in the event of major damages. A tighter coordination of technical, organisational and medical processes shall be achieved by providing relevant information to the emergency crews and rescue teams.

The project’s consortium (Berliner Feuerwehr, Condat AG, DAI-Labor der Technischen Universität Berlin, HiSolutions AG, TSI - Telematic Solutions International GmbH und die Fontheim GmbH) headed by the Telemedical Center of the Charité will develop an integrated overall concept for an IT-supported handling of major damages.

The project’s technical objective is the development of an integrating ALARM platform supporting and simplifying communication, information and data flow between the emergency teams on site, control centers and coordination offices as well as clinics and associated rescue teams. The platform shall especially represent services like triage and ambulatory care for the victims, complete electronic documentation and identification, dynamic resource management of the live-saving appliances and immediate telemedical attendance of patients.

The second significant component of the project is the development of adequate emergency medicine quality indicators. With the help of these indicators the effects of IT-supported triage and the modified processes can be made commensurable and comparable. The evaluation of technical and medical systems in consideration of their benefit in stress and panic situations forms the third focal point of research.

The integrated system will finally be tested by usage of simulations and exercises, with the necessary adaptations and modifications following.

The focal point of research for the Telemedical Center in the context of ALARM lies in the evaluation of effective telemedical methods and instruments like mobile monitoring of vital parameters, to improve the individual medical care in the pre-clinical field.