MATRIX – Middleware for the implementation of internet-based telemedical services

The aim of the MATRIX project is the examination of objectives concerning the development of a unified middleware platform for internet-based telemedical services. The research focuses on context-sensitive services and simple service compositions.

The first step will be the implementation of a middleware platform satisfying three fundamental requirements regarding its deployment in health care:

1. Semi-automatic capability for adaptation

2. Preservation and optimization of performance parameters

3. Securing long-term serviceability and system reliability

The middleware platform exemplifies two telemedical services in the context of the Telemedical Center (TMCC) in the course of the project: a mobile telemedical emergency service (e.g. for airplanes, ships or rescue units) and a telemedical service for domestic medical care (rehabilitation). Two different patient examination systems will be implemented for this purpose.

Another important research aspect will be the usability and quality of context-sensitive patient services processing individual contexts, i.e. contexts encompassing specific information regarding the patient’s personal situation. The benefit of the internet-based platform concept will be evaluated within the scope of a pilot study.

MATRIX has a term of three years. The partners in this project headed by the Telemedical Center of the Charité, TMCC and promoted with government aid by the BMBF are Prisma GmbH, lesswire AG, IHP GmbH and the University of Kassel.