S.I.T.E. – Creation of an innovative environment for telemedicine

Due to the high grade of innovation the implementation of telemedicine presents many challenges concerning the process of innovation. It is the aim of the consortium of TMCC, Stiftung für chronisch Kranke, der TU Berlin and the Deutschen Gesellschaft für Biomedizinische Technik des VDE to create sustained positive conditions for innovation processes in the telemedicine sector with this project (duration 2008 - 2011).

In the scope of the project the obstacles for innovation processes will be empirically identified and the status quo of existing support offers will be systematically determined. Based on already existing offers conceptual design and development of complementing tools, platforms and systems will be realized. Beside the establishment of a cooperation platform for securing interoperability the project focuses also on the conceptual design of an advanced education for telemedicine assistants, the organization of a platform for the integration of users into the innovation process and the preparation of a test and evaluation platform to intensify the exchange between science and economy.

In the future users and funding agencies can be systematically involved into the innovation process. The combined components developed within the S.I.T.E. project will add to an improvement of quality of telemedical offers and ease the transfer of pilot solutions into daily routine.